All of the things you might want to know

Am I eligible to join?

Anyone in Southland in their first 15 years of their career is eligible to join IYP, no matter your age, profession or home city. Come along to our next event and see if you like the vibe.

What are your bank details? 

For any event, pay into:
Westpac Invercargill.
(And remember a reference)

What does a member get?

Member prices to all our events, great discounts in Southland and plenty of organised chaos with like-minded people. Check out the benefits here.

How many members are there?

Over 200. One more if you join. Our size is our biggest benefit. It means we are able to negotiate great deals around town, and it also means there are no awkward silences when we meet up.

How much does it cost?

$25 gets you a year’s membership and first dibs on tickets to all our major events. Plus all these great discounts.

What kinds of events do you host?

We host all sorts of social and networking events, including mystery bus tours, and race days, as well as of events that are of value to young professionals including speakers on home buying, investment and personal growth.

When is your AGM?

Our Annual General Meeting is in November each year.

Can I share my professional services with other members?

We have a Community Page on Facebook exactly for this sort of thing, as well as sharing flats that are available, and interesting notices from our members. Join here.